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The Best Live Albums

What are the greatest live albums? The records that capture a road-tested band and recreate the experience of seeing them live – warts and all. Recently Rolling Stone magazine put together a list of its Top 50 live albums and

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Guitar Safaris

There’s lots of down time for a touring musician, but for Joe Bonamassa that’s when the adventures begin! On days off between gigs, Joe goes on “guitar safari” searching vintage stores, pawn shops and even going into private homes.

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Who Gives A Flying V?

Way back when, the folks at Gibson were feeling the heat from the new, space-age Fender Stratocaster, so they dreamed up one of the most distinctive-looking guitars ever made. The Flying V’s modernistic shape and exotic Korina wood make it a collector’s favorite today, but it wasn’t a hit when it debuted. On today’s show, Matt and Joe talk about five artists who saw the guitar’s potential and helped make the Flying V an electric superstar.

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Joe Bonamassa, Name That Guitar #3

Joe Bonamassa is a walking guitar encyclopedia and once in a while we put that knowledge to the test. Every few weeks on the Pickup, Matt asks Joe to name the guitar used on a particular track. Joe doesn’t know any of the songs ahead of time, so it’s do or die. This time on Name That Guitar, the secret code word is, “Gibson SG.”

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