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Only the Good Die Young

We recently asked our fans what topics to cover and one answer came back loud and clear: guitar players who died too young.

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Pickup Profile: Duane Allman

Duane Allman was a shooting star. His recording career lasted only seven years, but that short burst of energy illuminated a whole new world. The raw energy, improvisatory derring-do and melodic brilliance have made Duane Allman’s sound a favorite among

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Name That Guitar #1

Joe Bonamassa is many things: blues prodigy, Brit rock disciple, rising star. He is also a certifiable guitar geek. On this episode of the Pickup, Matt asks Joe to name the guitars used on some very famous Willie Dixon covers. Going into the session, Joe had no idea what the tracks would be. But he not only names the guitar, but also is able to name the amps, the pedals and practically the street address of the studio where the recording was made. This is the episode that will separate the fans from the fanatics!

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