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Christmas Blues

The Christmas season is here and there’s nothing that lifts the spirit like the blues! Yes, the blues have a reputation for being a downer, but the holidays bring out the best in everyone. On this program, Matt and Joe pick out some of their favorite Christmas blues and you’ll hear a brand new holiday track from Joe called “Christmas Date Blues.”

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To Wah Or Not To Wah?

When Joe Bonamassa was eight years old, he saved up his birthday money from his family and bought his first guitar effect: the wah-wah pedal. Designed in the 1960s to imitate the sound of a muted trumpet, the wah-wah quickly became guitarists go-to effect, especially when they heard Jimi Hendrix play “Voodoo Child (Slight Return).” On this episode of the Pickup, you’ll get a bit of history about the wah-wah, meet some of the masters of the pedal and hear a warning from Joe about what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. Or feet.

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Name That Guitar #2

On our recurring segment, “Name That Guitar,” you get the chance to test your knowledge of guitar, gear and lore against Joe’s. It’s pretty simple: Matt names the tracks and Joe names the guitars used on each one. If you get them all right, you’re a certified Guitar Geek! This week, the focus is the music of Robert Johnson and the players who have helped reinvent his music across guitar generations.

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The Forgotten King

When it comes to the blues, there are three Kings: B.B., Albert and Freddie. B. B. King is unrivaled, Albert King had more hit singles and Freddie, well, he sometimes gets short shrift. A tireless road dog with an outsized stage presence to match his huge voice and guitar tone, Freddie King was a huge influence of generations of artists, including Joe. On this week’s episode of the Pickup, Joe talks about his favorite Freddie King tracks and why Freddie should no longer be the forgotten King.

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Name That Guitar #1

Joe Bonamassa is many things: blues prodigy, Brit rock disciple, rising star. He is also a certifiable guitar geek. On this episode of the Pickup, Matt asks Joe to name the guitars used on some very famous Willie Dixon covers. Going into the session, Joe had no idea what the tracks would be. But he not only names the guitar, but also is able to name the amps, the pedals and practically the street address of the studio where the recording was made. This is the episode that will separate the fans from the fanatics!

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