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On the Road with the Three Kings

Joe Bonamassa’s new project is a tour celebrating the Three Kings of the Blues: B.B. King, Albert King and Freddie King. On this episode of the Pickup, Joe tells Matt why he wanted to put this tour together, previews some

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Guitar Safaris

There’s lots of down time for a touring musician, but for Joe Bonamassa that’s when the adventures begin! On days off between gigs, Joe goes on “guitar safari” searching vintage stores, pawn shops and even going into private homes.

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The Roots Of Blues Deluxe

Joe Bonamassa’s third studio album Blues Deluxe has been a longtime fan favorite. Packed with covers of blues standards and a few choice originals, it’s a record that marks Joe’s beginnings as an independent artist. Today on the Pickup, Joe and Matt look back on the album’s musical inspirations and the peculiar conditions of its creation: Joe and his manager scraping together enough money to rent studio time above a Sbarro’s, using borrowed gear and recycling a retouched photo from a previous album shoot.

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Five Guitarists, One Song

The blues can be a blank canvas. You have a rough frame – the three basic chords – but then you are free to do whatever your imagination (and chops!) allow. On this episode, Joe and Matt prove the point by exploring how five different guitarists have played the same song, “The Stumble.” You’ll start by listening to Freddie King’s original and then wind your way through the sounds that other guitarists, guitars and gear have given the tune over the years.

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Christmas Blues

The Christmas season is here and there’s nothing that lifts the spirit like the blues! Yes, the blues have a reputation for being a downer, but the holidays bring out the best in everyone. On this program, Matt and Joe pick out some of their favorite Christmas blues and you’ll hear a brand new holiday track from Joe called “Christmas Date Blues.”

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The Forgotten King

When it comes to the blues, there are three Kings: B.B., Albert and Freddie. B. B. King is unrivaled, Albert King had more hit singles and Freddie, well, he sometimes gets short shrift. A tireless road dog with an outsized stage presence to match his huge voice and guitar tone, Freddie King was a huge influence of generations of artists, including Joe. On this week’s episode of the Pickup, Joe talks about his favorite Freddie King tracks and why Freddie should no longer be the forgotten King.

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