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Trippiest Psychedelic Blues

Inspired by a trip to San Francisco, Joe and Matt sit down to talk about the best psychedelic blues from the 60s and beyond. The music got trippy in those days – adding new sounds, new lyrics and new forms to stretch the meaning of the blues.

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Guitar Safaris

There’s lots of down time for a touring musician, but for Joe Bonamassa that’s when the adventures begin! On days off between gigs, Joe goes on “guitar safari” searching vintage stores, pawn shops and even going into private homes.

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Cream Rises To The Top

The recent passing of bassist Jack Bruce was a real loss for those of us who love blues and rock. Bruce was best known for his work in the power trio Cream. The band was only together for a short time, but in that brief span was able to chart a new course for combining blues, rock and psychedelia into a potent and loud mix. Today on the Pickup, Joe picks his favorite five Cream tracks, recalls playing a gig with Jack Bruce and explains how the band continues to influence his career as a musician.

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Name That Guitar #2

On our recurring segment, “Name That Guitar,” you get the chance to test your knowledge of guitar, gear and lore against Joe’s. It’s pretty simple: Matt names the tracks and Joe names the guitars used on each one. If you get them all right, you’re a certified Guitar Geek! This week, the focus is the music of Robert Johnson and the players who have helped reinvent his music across guitar generations.

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Clapton On Gibson

You almost have to feel bad for Eric Clapton. He’s had a 50-year career as one of the greatest guitarists in the world, but many of his biggest fans think that it was all downhill since 1970. Why did that year mark the beginning of a four-decade “drought”? Well, around that time Eric Clapton stopped playing Gibson guitars and began playing the Fender Stratocaster. In this the episode, Joe explains why the Gibson years were so momentous and picks three tracks that exemplify why so many Clapton fans pine for the pre-Strat era.

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