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BB King’s 50-Year Reign

Everyone involved with The Pickup Radio was saddened to learn that B.B. King, one of the greatest bluesman of all time and a friend to Joe Bonamassa, passed away on May 14, 2015.

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The Roots Of Blues Deluxe

Joe Bonamassa’s third studio album Blues Deluxe has been a longtime fan favorite. Packed with covers of blues standards and a few choice originals, it’s a record that marks Joe’s beginnings as an independent artist. Today on the Pickup, Joe and Matt look back on the album’s musical inspirations and the peculiar conditions of its creation: Joe and his manager scraping together enough money to rent studio time above a Sbarro’s, using borrowed gear and recycling a retouched photo from a previous album shoot.

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Blues In Unusual Places

The blues have traveled just about everywhere in the world – something that Joe
Bonamassa and his carry-on bag know first hand. On today’s episode of the Pickup, Joe and Matt consider some of the more unusual and far-flung places the blues have gone. You’ll hear music from halls built for operas and orchestras, tracks recorded in clubs that only exist in the imagination, concerts performed in prisons and even a blues-rooted track that made its way into outer space!

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Three Things I Learned From B.B. King

B. B. King is one of the greatest artists ever. Period. It also just so happens that he plays the blues guitar and has been a huge influence on Joe’s career. When Joe was just 12 years old, he met B. B. and opened for him on a short summer tour. It was a life-changing experience for Joe, who still regards B. B. as one of his mentors and a close friend. On this week’s episode of The Pickup, Matt asks Joe to sum up what he’s learned from B. B. King and pick a few recordings that capture a bit of his musical magic.

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How To Name Your Guitar

No matter whether you’re an amateur or a pro, your guitar isn’t just an inanimate object. A good guitar can feel like a living and breathing thing with a whole lot of personality – practically like part of the family. You care for it, confide in it and do your best to keep it happy and in tune. So naturally, you’ve got to give it a name. On this week’s episode of The Pickup, Joe and Matt talk about different ways to name your guitar properly and listen to some iconic instruments that you’ll get to know on a first-name basis.

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