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Clapton On Gibson

You almost have to feel bad for Eric Clapton. He’s had a 50-year career as one of the greatest guitarists in the world, but many of his biggest fans think that it was all downhill since 1970. Why did that year mark the beginning of a four-decade “drought”? Well, around that time Eric Clapton stopped playing Gibson guitars and began playing the Fender Stratocaster. In this the episode, Joe explains why the Gibson years were so momentous and picks three tracks that exemplify why so many Clapton fans pine for the pre-Strat era.

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Name That Guitar #1

Joe Bonamassa is many things: blues prodigy, Brit rock disciple, rising star. He is also a certifiable guitar geek. On this episode of the Pickup, Matt asks Joe to name the guitars used on some very famous Willie Dixon covers. Going into the session, Joe had no idea what the tracks would be. But he not only names the guitar, but also is able to name the amps, the pedals and practically the street address of the studio where the recording was made. This is the episode that will separate the fans from the fanatics!

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Three Things I Learned From B.B. King

B. B. King is one of the greatest artists ever. Period. It also just so happens that he plays the blues guitar and has been a huge influence on Joe’s career. When Joe was just 12 years old, he met B. B. and opened for him on a short summer tour. It was a life-changing experience for Joe, who still regards B. B. as one of his mentors and a close friend. On this week’s episode of The Pickup, Matt asks Joe to sum up what he’s learned from B. B. King and pick a few recordings that capture a bit of his musical magic.

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How To Name Your Guitar

No matter whether you’re an amateur or a pro, your guitar isn’t just an inanimate object. A good guitar can feel like a living and breathing thing with a whole lot of personality – practically like part of the family. You care for it, confide in it and do your best to keep it happy and in tune. So naturally, you’ve got to give it a name. On this week’s episode of The Pickup, Joe and Matt talk about different ways to name your guitar properly and listen to some iconic instruments that you’ll get to know on a first-name basis.

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