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~ Joe Bonamassa

Remembering Winter

"Rest in Peace Johnny Dawson Winter III. A son of Texas and a son of the Blues. There will never be another one like you. Thanks for teaching me to play the slide and to use the front pickup. A giant loss for Blues guitar and all music in general".
~Joe B.

Johnny Winter sadly passed away this July 16 at 70 years old. Matt and Joe reflect on his take-no-prisoners singing and his sound on acoustic, electric and slide. The Pickup team honors Johnny Winter by picking five of his greatest records. You'll hear how he got discovered, the unusual way he strung his 12-string and his role in creating the most soulful thing to ever come out of Greenwich, Connecticut!

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About The Show

The Pickup is an entirely unique and highly entertaining show blending music history and carefully curated songs while bringing discussion and an encyclopedic knowledge of guitar facts and illuminating insights into the world of a musician.
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What do you remember most about Johnny Winter?